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Piping Design /

 HVAC History


            MMA Consulting Engineers
            BIM Lead Project Manager, COBie compliance controller,
    Piping Design / HVAC Coordination, Project Lead / Management, Field Engineering.
            From Sept 16'
(1)   Cadbury (Mondelez Ireland) 
            Piping Design, Project Management, General Design,
            Field Engineering. 
    Budget proposals.
            From Jan 14’  to Sept 16'

(2)   Coca Cola / Drogheda Concentrates 

            Piping Design, Project Management, General Design,
            Field Engineering and Drawing Control systems.
            From Jan 04’  to June 08'

(3)   Project Management. (Intel Ireland and Office)
            Piping designer/Construction supervision.
            From Jan 03’ to Dec 03’
(34   Fluor Daniel.
            Field Engineering (BMS Cruiserath.)
            Punch out, field design, Weld quality control.
            From Jun 02’ to Dec ‘02
(5)   Project Management.
            Snr Piping Designer.(field design/const. supervisor)
            3D Piping Administrator.
            From May 98’, to May 02’
   Pre 98 Please Ask For Details.

      Experience Gained:- 
*      Intel Ireland, Leixlip, Co. Kildare.(Fab10,Fab14,Fab24)  (HVAC)(Piping)
*      Pfizer Chemicals, Sandwich, Kent.(on site design and construction)(HVAC/BS)
*      GuinnessPark Royal, London, England. (HVAC/BS)
*      P.K.D.C. Dairy, Pusan, Korea. (Piping)
*      E. Smithwicks & Sons. (Piping)
*      Quest Biocon, Cork. (Piping)
*      Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Bremen, Germany. (Coloma Plant)(design lead)(const. supervision)
*      Swords Labs, (Thermal Oxidiser, Powder Containment)(site design/const. supervision)
*      Schering-Plough, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow. (P5 Design)
*      CSL/LFO, Poland. (Blood Plasma Plant)
*      SIFA Ltd., Shannon. (Nitration Facility)(design lead)(on site design and construction supervision)
*      Xerox, Dundalk, Co. Louth. (TonerBuilding)(on site design and construction supervision)
*      Arch Chemicals, Swords Co. Dublin. (on site design and construction supervision)
*      Vistakon Ireland. (Phase 2B & 3) (construction supervision)

*      Wyeth Newbridge, (Expansion Study)
*      BMS Cruiserath, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15. (Offsites walkdowns / Field Engineering)
*      Coca Cola, Drogheda,  Co. Louth. (Project Management, General Design, Drawing Control)

*      Lansdowne Road Stadium. (Services Coordination Design Lead)

*      Dublin Airport Terminal 2, Pier E. (Services Coordination Design Lead)
Leaving Certificate                                                            :           1989
Building Services                                                              :           1990
C & G 435101
Computer Aided Design                                                      :           1992
C & G 435102
Advanced Computer Aided Design                                        :           1992
C & G 435103
3D Computer Aided Design                                                  :           1993


PDS System Administrator Course (Intergraph)                                         :           Jan 2000
PDS Drawing Manager Customisation Course (Intergraph)                          :           Feb 2000
PDS Frameworks Plus Course (Intergraph)                                                :           Feb 2000
PDS Interference Checker/Manager Course (Intergraph)                             :           Mar 2000
PDS Isogen Customisation Course (Intergraph)                                           :           Mar 2000
PDS RDB Customisation Course (Intergraph)                                               :           Mar 2000
PDS Equipment and Piping Design Course (Intergraph)                                 :           Mar 2000
AutoPlant Piping Design Course (CadCo)                                                     :           Nov 2000
AutoPlant Equipment Development Course (CadCo)                                      :           Nov 2000
Safe Pass Course Completed 18th/Aug/2002



Mr. Sean O’Riordain                            -                                               GEA Ireland (Formerly Tuchenhagen)
Mr. Stephen Kelly                                -                                               Headcount

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